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The Corpse on My Porch.

I spent some time on my wife’s Pinterest account in September, pinning ideas for Halloween.  As a first-timer I quickly realized the allure behind Pinterest–it’s porn for crafty people.  Anyway, as you might imagine, there’s no shortage of neat, cheap … Continue reading

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The Crater Lake Monster (1977), Rated R.

Treating myself to a very indulgent post here, a review of a film better left submerged, The Crater Lake Monster. (note the monster’s hands as depicted above) This B-Movie gem boasts the cerebral underpinnings of a Scooby-Doo episode: random meteor … Continue reading

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Birth (and Death) of a Salesman.

The New Grad A recent Chalmers University graduate, Quinn studied Marketing, earning a 3.7 cumulative GPA.  He completed a cooperative education internship, too, which led to his procuring a full-time job 1 month prior to graduation.  Quinn works in sales. … Continue reading

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The Chalk Outline: A Halloween Costume for the Morose

I know, it’s still summer, but I’m generally obsessed by Halloween.  The hours drag, but the months fly–October will be here before you know it.  We once again have the opportunity to be someone/something else for a while, and get … Continue reading

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Poison Ivy – One Man’s Blistering Tale

I’m deep in agony, an itchy bubbling hell, my skin, a relief map of fluid-filled terrain.  The temptation to itch is constant.  Staring at my monitor, my guard goes down, the absent scratching begins.  Coming to, I immediately cease and … Continue reading

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