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How To Control Kids: Question Quotas.

Whether you’re a parent, uncle, aunt, grandparent, or some other source of influence on children, you know kids are wild cards, unruly quasi-citizens who require reigning-in.  Without structured discipline these diminutive devils will run us into the ground.  I’m all … Continue reading

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What If My Parents Were Octomom and the Tax Masters Guy?

I can see, in many ways, how my parents have influenced me–genetically, behaviorally, career-wise.   This gets me thinking.  So, what if my parents were Patrick R. Cox and Nadya Suleman?  How would their influence affect my life? Here’s how it … Continue reading

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Question Deflection (That’s Crap)

Why is it that some presenters don’t answer an audience member’s question, stating, “Oh, we’ll get to that later.”  I mean the audience is there to learn, right?  Presumably the presenter already knows the answer, so why are they keeping … Continue reading

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