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The Death of Penmanship.

Have you looked at your handwriting lately?  It stinks!  Why?  Penmanship has become the vestigial tail of communication, and for the most part that’s ok.  We don’t really need penmanship the way we used to.  We’ve come to adopt the … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs, and That Ginormous Book.

While reading is generally considered cerebral, not physical, this book breaks the mold, just like Steve, leaving you paradoxically exhausted and invigorated at the same time. Why? To those not using an e-reader, this book is heavy, literally, weighing in … Continue reading

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Apple’s FaceTime Causes Increase in Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).

Fine, the camera adds 10 pounds, but why?   Slate.com provides a reasonable explanation: (1) inevitably poor lighting and (2) a camera’s failed expression of depth.  Skillful lighting accentuates dimension, while crappy lighting make us appear flat (read: husky).  And wide-angle … Continue reading

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The Most Indecipherable Letter of All-Time.

A $50 Citi® gift card accompanied the purchase of my T-Mobile® smartphone.  Yeah-for-me.  However, receiving this GC turned out to be the psychological equivalent of having Lucy hold the ball while I attempt to kick. This consumer carrot, I am … Continue reading

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Confessions of a JCPenney Model (Me).

I had it all.  Swank Stafford blazers, all my teeth, a full head of hair and that inexplicable posture that transcends one-dimensional catalogs.  I was a JCPenney model. Fellow models jokingly called me “mansome“ the adjectival offspring of man and … Continue reading

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TV-B-Gone, the Device of Gods.

We’ve all heard it before. “Too much TV’ll rot yer brain!” Well, why not help those before it’s too late, before their brains become gelatinous sludge?  This seems altruistic enough, right?  Wrong.  Depriving others from viewing time is extremely dangerous … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Not to Be Scared of QR Codes.

Quick Response codes are your friends.  Really.  These square Borg-like images might appear scary, but they’re not.  Scan’em with a smart phone’s bar code reader and you’re there.  Think of the implications.  How about adding a QR code to your … Continue reading

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