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Sunday Mass: Hell on Earth.

At the gentle urging of my wonderful wife, I bring my 5 year-old and 2 year-old to 10am mass.  You know what’s coming–bedlam among the pews.  For those interested I’ve chronicled the debacle below.  Amen. Bedecked in a proper cardigan, … Continue reading

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Jesus, Mary and Jack: Daddy Explains Where Joseph’s Been.

With his second VBS* tour successfully behind him, 4 year-old Jack is a mini theologian.  Well, not really.  He’s mainly enthusiastic, a key characteristic of many religious leaders, and, like any 4 year-old, he’s intensely observing the world around him.  … Continue reading

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TV-B-Gone, the Device of Gods.

We’ve all heard it before. “Too much TV’ll rot yer brain!” Well, why not help those before it’s too late, before their brains become gelatinous sludge?  This seems altruistic enough, right?  Wrong.  Depriving others from viewing time is extremely dangerous … Continue reading

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Fire and Brimstone (Vacation Bible School)?

What’s really going down at Vacation Bible School (VBS)?  I’d like to see the syllabus.  I mean really, if the Old Testament is the text, attendance needs to be reconsidered. That’s heavy stuff. My boy, Jack, is attending VBS this … Continue reading

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