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Holiday Advertising: Dung Rises to the Surface.

Now fully immersed in the consumer season, I’m watchful for advertising that sucks.  There’s plenty of crap out there, even without Christmas on its way, but there’s something about December that really brings out the dreck.  Take this product for … Continue reading

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To Those Who Light-up at the Gas Station.

What the F are you thinking.  Not a question. You’re surrounded by flammability.  Is your goal self-immolation?  Legit question.  And the arrogance.  You’re surrounded by humans, people with productive lives, with families, with destinations, with recently crushed 401ks. I can … Continue reading

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Baldness: The Bane of Barbershops.

I haven’t been to the barbershop in nearly 20 years, and that makes me bad for business. Barbers see me for what I am–a non-customer, inarable landscape, a fiscal down arrow in their bottom line.  I have no place walking … Continue reading

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Face-Spitting: Passive Aggressive or Just an Accident?

I inadvertently spit in someone’s face this morning.*  The frothy blob had some serious arc, and took what seemed like an eternity to find purchase.  Neither of us recognized the incident, we just kept talking.  I could see the spittle … Continue reading

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Question Deflection (That’s Crap)

Why is it that some presenters don’t answer an audience member’s question, stating, “Oh, we’ll get to that later.”  I mean the audience is there to learn, right?  Presumably the presenter already knows the answer, so why are they keeping … Continue reading

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