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Use of “Thx” When Expressing Thanks.

I just received a frightening email.  The sender didn’t bother to spell-out the word t-h-a-n-k-s.  C’mon people, really?  You can’t afford one vowel and three consonants?  Here, I’ll help you.  Just sub-out the “x” for an “a” and you’re halfway … Continue reading

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I Was Once a Sailor (True Story).

It’s 1985 and my 13 year old limbs strain to push open the heavy door.  Not that I’m weak, it’s just that this door represents a class line between the sprawling Beachwood Yacht Club foyer and its garage, a space … Continue reading

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Ctrl+Z: Your Shortcut to Time Travel.

We all have our favorites, those keyboard shortcuts that make us feel like we’re really operating a computer.  The tactile satisfaction derived from delivering an observed command is, well, awesome. One keyboard shortcut, an Einsteinian two-step, rises well above the … Continue reading

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