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Confessions of a JCPenney Model (Me).

I had it all.  Swank Stafford blazers, all my teeth, a full head of hair and that inexplicable posture that transcends one-dimensional catalogs.  I was a JCPenney model. Fellow models jokingly called me “mansome“ the adjectival offspring of man and … Continue reading

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Apostrophe FAIL.

Big fan of the FAIL–this linked blog showcases human folly, like America’s Funniest Home Videos on meth.  YouTube’s Best Fails of 2010 Compilation is out of control (a couple clips lack veracity, though). Found a grammatical FAIL.  Check the apostrophe … Continue reading

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The Single Bathroom Environment, or Safe Haven.

Many institutions offer Safe Havens, highly coveted evacuation stations for one. The nature of these private stalls make them the day’s season ticket, your personal 50-yard line for unfettered relief.  Their sound-proof architecture implies a free-for-all air (pun intended), a … Continue reading

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