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About 10 Items or Less?

We’ve all been there, subject to those who undermine math, the scofflaw jack-asses hell-bent on skirting the system.  Some humanoid in front of us unfurls 20+ egregious items, free from compunction, grinning four-thousand teeth astride the check-out aisle.  We boil … Continue reading

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The Existentialism of Party Mix.

Potato chips?  Mundane.  Pretzels?  Pedestrian.  Cheese doodles?  Lame.  While not the sole ingredients, when in combination, the previous snack foods represent the almighty backbone, an evolutionary taste bud leap from the myopic to the sublime.  Including the above, Party Mix, … Continue reading

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Horror at the Grocery Store!

While not widely reported, grocery shopping has become a contributing factor behind a recent Centers for Disease Control finding: 1/2 of all Americans will suffer from some form of mental illness.  The sheer variety of choices we’re confronted by are … Continue reading

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The Count Chocula Kid.

Week 31 An interesting evening, off to a good start, but nothing major, no sign of the shattering comedy to come.  Jack’s in his high chair.  The kitchen. The boy does his best to snag one of the star-shaped Gerber … Continue reading

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