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Casualties of the Morning Routine.

Look at this… thing. This is what happens when you absently force your lunch bag into an overbooked briefcase.  Pliable contents, including my cheese-ass cheese sandwich, must submit themselves, enslaved contortionists of the gastronomic world.  I’ll still eat this friggin’ … Continue reading

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Latchkey Kids: When We Nearly Killed the Dog.

Latchkey kids earn enough parental trust to receive an incredible amount of freedom.  Trust and freedom are often a deadly combination when paired with two lunatic boys.  My brother and I were two such miscreants.  One rainy late October afternoon, … Continue reading

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John C. Reilly Came to Our House.

Our oven decides to crap-out the day before Christmas.  Thanks oven.  Now we have to call the Whirlpool Man, otherwise we eat snow.  We schedule an appointment via the most complex phone chain known to humankind.  Now Thursday, our scheduled … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to George Michael, RE “Last Christmas” Song.

Dear Man-With-Two-First-Names: This letter serves as evidence that you are a world-class fool.  I mean really, last Christmas you gave out your heart, and that person gave it away, the very next day?  Are you kidding me?  I get it, … Continue reading

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Elf on the Shelf: Surrogate Disciplinarian?

The Elf is everywhere, an Orwellian presence, a parental substitution when the little ones become unruly.  Frankly, I’m not comfortable with leaving even an ounce of December discipline to this diminutive cherubic chap.  Having been raised by a Command Sergeant … Continue reading

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When Career Counseling and Fatherhood Go Awry.

I’m a Career Counselor.  I meet all kinds of clients.  As you might imagine, these clients are interested in all kinds of jobs.  I love the variety, and based on client evaluations, I’m doing right by them. But things aren’t … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs, and That Ginormous Book.

While reading is generally considered cerebral, not physical, this book breaks the mold, just like Steve, leaving you paradoxically exhausted and invigorated at the same time. Why? To those not using an e-reader, this book is heavy, literally, weighing in … Continue reading

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