Snow Blower Politics.

This recent blast of snow reminds me of many things.  Aside from the initial beauty of snow, school closings and imposed lethargy, a gas-fueled beast reigns–the  snow blower. If you have one, you possess the premier Winter accompaniment.  Basically, you’re cool (pun intended).  If you don’t have a snow blower, you make friends in possession, those who raucously fire-up Churning Blades of the Gods (CBotG).  They graciously relieve us from back-breaking snow removal.


The DSM-5 diagnosis qualifies this as Free From Shoveling (FFS).

This blog post could end here, but I’m snowbound, so let’s move on.

If you’re bereft, do you ask for a loaner, do you wait for the offer?  Typically, we’re out there at the same time–the audible riot of power is clear. Aristocrats own a snow blower, plebeians borrow a shovel.  It’s a class war.

I’m agreeable by nature which leads me to establish a solid relationship with my neighbor (am I a Snow Lobbyist?).  Seeing me toil, a Carhartt laborer ineligible for OT, my neighbor  magnanimously offers his snow blower, only after his driveway is cleared I might add–this is the nature of the game.  Although a pittance, I offer my Hopkins 2610XM Subzero 52″ Super Extender Snowbroom (colors may vary).  This does the trick. 


Once in hand, I fire-up the brawny self-propelled snow blower, quickly dispensing snow with a fury reserved for the clinically mad.  I won’t go on about how I eventually broke the damn thing, the left wheel careening into a snow bank, a rusty black silhouette begging for its axle.  Once repaired, my shoveling time is cut in half.  I am grateful.

The haves and the have-nots dynamic continues to exist.  In the end, be cool if you have access to power.




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