Comic Sans Must Die!!!

I’ve had it.  I mean it.  And I’m not alone.  Just Google the title of this post.  People are pissed!  They’ve gone so far as paying for domain names like and, advancing their campaign to the web in order to silence this odious font.  Ask anyone who’s currently breathing, “What’s the worst font in the world?!”


We’re just plain angry, revolted by this naive script, constantly confronted by missives from childcare institutions, elementary schools and adults who have no idea what the hell they’re doing.  It’s jaunty curves, lack of true serifs and overall casual nature are an affront to those who think.  Comic Sans is the opposite of sophistication, but that doesn’t make it rude or cool like Blutarsky.

AnimalHouse_082PyxurzAs a font, Comic Sans represents the equivalent of NJ Housewives–they’re on TV, in the headlines and they’re a plague.  For real.  Numerous studies–supported by the National Institutes of Health mind you–reveal some startling side effects.  In a double-blind study, reading more than four words jacketed in Comic Sans is proven to lower libido, deteriorate brain cells and, oddly enough, reverse the aging process.  This last side effect is likely attributable to the font’s childlike nature.  Although not widely reported, one study conducted by the World Health Organization purports when heard out loud, Comic Sans represents an audible carcinogen, making this font kinda like secondhand smoke.

Just stay away from it people, please, I’m begging you… on bended knee, reeling with disgust.

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3 Responses to Comic Sans Must Die!!!

  1. If I could write you a reply in Papyrus, I would. Then you’d learn your lesson.

  2. Krusty the Klown says:

    Why you hatin on clown font?

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