The Existentialism of Party Mix.

Potato chips?  Mundane.  Pretzels?  Pedestrian.  Cheese doodles?  Lame.  While not the sole ingredients, when in combination, the previous snack foods represent the almighty backbone, an evolutionary taste bud leap from the myopic to the sublime.  Including the above, Party Mix, in its varied forms, boasts corn chips, bagel chips, tortilla chips, Cheez-Its, rice balls, straight-up Doritos, variations on themes that would make Dave Brubeck blush. Pulitzer-worthy manufacturers include Keystone, Utz, Sunshine, Frito-Lay.  Get some.

But why write a Party Mix blog post?  This comestible isn’t for everyone, at best a marginalized sect. And to be sure, Party Mix connotes extraversion, wild-eyed gastronomic fuel.  Again, why write this?  Scratching the surface, introverts enjoy Party Mix with a treasured flick.  Period.


  • For the calorie conscious: Sunshine’s Party Mix offers the best calories to calories from fat ratio, key to healthful ingestion.
  • For unabashed cheese hooligans: Frito Lay’s Cheese Snack Mix, a sodium-rich bacchanalia, is sure to please.
  • For sport enthusiasts: Utz’s Pub Mix, a cylindrically packaged bar bounty staple, represents superior flavor.

Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard said it best, “Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.”  Food, in general, raises anxiety.  Am I eating too much, or too little?  Will I like what I’ve ordered?  Am I even balancing the five food groups?   While plebeian, Party Mix represents Kierkegaard’s capricious grasp, each handful rewarded with a singularly tasty fingerprint, a sensory symphony.

party mix

Almost done.

What about chocolate, you ask. While the scientific benefits of Party Mix remain sadly unknown, chocolate trumps, especially dark chocolate.


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