Jim Cantore, TWC Meteorologist: Impossible Posture.

Regularly confronted by Mother Nature’s fury, Jim Cantore is The Weather Channel’s on location monster, whose very presence portends destruction.  While you evacuate, he arrives. Witness the posture.


We’re in the middle of Hurricane Sandy, and she’s a rough b*tch.  Cantore reflects my boorish assessment with political aplomb, interpreting as much fact as Mother Nature will allow.  Regardless of weather event, he paradoxically skirts the line between unflappability and genuine enthusiasm. Tough not to like the guy.

Should he call OSHA?!

Imagine the elements, their wrath reigning upon you–and you have to speak, with clarity, and report the horrifying conditions so others can prepare, in the hopes of remaining safe.  I have to ask–who’s insuring this guy?!

Expanding Blue Parka — should be a band’s name.

It seems Cantore’s posture inspires similar confidence in others.

…bom chicka wah-wah

Weather reporting isn’t always bad for Cantore.  Sometimes all he needs are a pair of swim goggles and a ridiculously tight black shirt.

The salad days.

Jim Cantore = Superhero.  No question.

Stay safe, people.

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