The Big 4 – 0 (bucket list)!

Can’t believe I’m turning 40.  Really, this seems like a big number.  I don’t feel 40 though, more like an adolescent who’s managed to get married, make a family, buy a house and keep a sense of humor.  Life is good®.

Wait.  The baby’s up.  It’s 10:32pm.  I’ll be back.  Enjoy Alfalfa singing I’m in the Mood For Love.

8oz later, as promised, I’m back.

I sit here, a light beer as my writing partner–because I don’t burn calories like I used to–and consider what remains.  There’s A LOT more to do.  So, here’s my confessional, a bucket list in no particular order, to be completed prior to expiration.

  1. Learn Karate, for real.
  2. Love Vaness, Jack and Reese with abandon.  Their impact–words fail me.
  3. Become a great writer and guitarist.
  4. Make more home movies.
  5. Determine why some documents state “This Page Intentionally Left Blank.”
  6. Write the greatest resume known to humankind.
  7. Be more exotic and aquatic (think swimming with dolphins).
  8. Cut back on the meth.
  9. Remain ridiculous.
  10. Save “enough” for retirement.
  11. Kill all mosquitoes (they’re bereft of evolutionary benefit).
  12. Visit Vienna.
  13. Become the Chuck Norris of my generation.
  14. Get in stunningly good shape.
  15. Own a muscle car.
  16. Be a JCPenney model, on the side.
  17. Grill all year-round.
  18. Photobomb whenever possible.
  19. Become a Chamber of Commerce member.
  20. Wang Chungtonight.
  21. Make a meme that matters.
  22. Sing in a barbershop quartet.
  23. Raise the TitanicWait, already did that.

Cross it off the list.

I know, I’m ambitious.  Anything I should add?

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2 Responses to The Big 4 – 0 (bucket list)!

  1. NANCY MAYER says:

    Happy Birthday, Adam!

    Well, you certainly have some great things on your bucket list.  I was a bit surprised to see that you hadn’t mentioned emulating MacGyver (sp?) as a goal. JCPenny model – why not a Chippendale?  It would take less time to get dressed.

    Enjoy your day, and do realize that I find it VERY HARD to accept that you are 40!

    Love, Mother Mayer XO


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