Use of “Thx” When Expressing Thanks.

I just received a frightening email.  The sender didn’t bother to spell-out the word t-h-a-n-k-s.  C’mon people, really?  You can’t afford one vowel and three consonants?  Here, I’ll help you.  Just sub-out the “x” for an “a” and you’re halfway done.  Only three letters to go!  You can dooooo it!  N-K-S!  You make Vanna White’s (already simple) job even easier.

For me, THX is sacred ground, George Lucas territory–a guy who consistently consulted the eminent mythologist Joseph Campbell when writing Star Wars.

Now that’s effort!

And then there’s TIA–“thanks in advance,” a downright presumptuous closing.  Believe me, I’ll respond to you.  Just provide your estimation of my help once received.  Humans are so expectant.

Thx for reading!  And for anyone commenting, TIA!

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2 Responses to Use of “Thx” When Expressing Thanks.

  1. No no no no no — people don’t use TNX to save time, they use it to be Koooooool! Sets you apart from those non-texting troglodytes.

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