Design Triumphs.

I feel assaulted by the sheer number of consumer “conveniences” out there.  I mean really, was life that unbearable without the Rabbit Wine Opener?

Sure, it looks exotic–to a Nazi war criminal.  Going for $45, this horny little device evidently opens bottles in “3 seconds flat.”  If ever I need to open wine that fast, I shouldn’t be buying alcohol–I should attend the nearest AA meeting.

In addition to this, and other “convenience” ilk, it seems every new product requires some form of consistent maintenance.  That’s not convenient, that’s occupying more of my time.  I’m constantly charging multiple devices, repairing defective products, buying peripherals to “augment my consumer experience.”  Gimme a break.  In a sea raging with poorly designed products, I’ll stop–take a moment–and highlight 3 products that actually do make my life easier.

Huggies Little Snugglers

Don’t laugh.  As you’ll see, these newborn diapers were undoubtedly designed by a team of frothing geniuses, a group that could have single-handedly created Doritos, Ambervision and the Internet, while hurtling through space–that good.

So, what do all newborns have?  A crusty dark passenger, reminiscent of a monkey thumb, the remains of an umbilical cord.  There’s no easy way to change an infant’s diaper with this dusky appendage staring you down, until now–Little Snugglers have a concave belly-button garage!  It’s so simple it’s brilliant.

This changes the world.

As if that cord cut-out wasn’t enough, there’s an indicator running the length of the diaper, turning from yellow to blue when soiled.  A far cry from having to run down to the river and hand-wash a dirty rag against the rocks.

LED Drills

The first time I saw this I nearly vomited from excitement.  Look who’s beaming beneath the chuck base…

DIY with an LED.

Even if you’re working in broad daylight, highlighting the head of a tiny screw immediately makes you more efficient.  And having your own light source makes you appear more important, more professional.  Adding even greater functionality is the magnetic reservoir above the battery pack, a handy place for nails, drill bits, little Allen wrenches.  Or, you could wear the Magnogrip Bracelet.

Yeah, I got this at a Lia Sophia party.

Eco-i-Lite Power Failure Light, Handheld Light, Nightlight

Pulling out all the stops here.  The product title says it all–it’s a nightlight and a flashlight, which automatically turns on if the power goes out.  This sucker plugs right into the wall socket and, if need be, rotates to fit its surroundings.  Induction Charging is elegantly employed as a wireless charging solution (no connection leads).  A steal for $25.99 at Amazon!

3-2-1… Ignition for genius!

I didn’t feel the need to address innovations like GPS, or even Apple products.  That stuff seems pretty well-known.  The above 3 products represent the quiet leaps forward. What are some quiet leaps that make your life easier?

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