Her Name is Reese.

My daughter (just typing this has me all choked up) will soon be 4 months old, and she’s consistently breaking my heart.  An eager explorer, she’s fascinated by all things, things we adults rarely give the time of day, recessed lighting, blankies, mobiles.  She makes life simpler and more complex at the same time, and I wouldn’t know what to do without her.

Reese almost always greets me with a gurgling smile, her eyes wide and deep blue, limbs churning in Sikorskian rotation.  She has a sweetness that could turn Pol Pot into a pacifist.  Impossibly, she manages to make diaper changing a joy, her world-stopping grin nullifies the noxious event, that irresistible dimple revealed on her right cheek.  Did I mention I wouldn’t know what to do without her?

Is this all parental sap?  Not a chance, people.  This is love.

Her innocence makes me question myself.  What more could I be doing?  Am I holding her enough?  Am I giving her enough attention?  She’s our 2nd child, and I know she’s not receiving the same level of attention as our 1st.  We watched over Jack with an intensity rivaling Swiss Psychologist Jean Piaget, noting developmental milestones, anticipating sensorimotor victories.  I even committed to documenting 52 weeks of Jack’s life, now a gripping newborn tale, clocking in at a whopping 41, 269 words.  But, what do I have for Reese, what form of chronicle?  Pretty soon we’ll start her 529 college savings plan, but even that’s not enough.  If nothing else, we have to take more photos and home videos of her–Reese’s digital media legacy needs considerable attention.

I’ll end by doing more of that, capturing Reese during a time that will soon be history.

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5 Responses to Her Name is Reese.

  1. Ha! Now I know why you haven’t posted in a while. The arrival of a child changes schedules. Especially a second child. I have two daughters and your sentiments are familiar. It *is* love!

    She’s beautiful!

  2. Jean Moon says:

    That beautiful, dimpled smile captivates ME, and I am not related in anyway. Congratulations on your beautiful daughter! Please do take more pictures of her. The second born will grow to an age when he or she will notice the albums or boxes of pictures of the first born and the lack of those mementos of themselves. And when that happens, they will ask, \”why?\”. Somehow, no explanation satisfies that child who now thinks she is second best. May she always know that you love her unconditionally.

    Just seeing her smile makes me happy.

    • Thanks Jean, and I think you nailed it–no explanation will satisfy. We did take a few pics of Reese over the weekend–felt like I needed to keep my word. Thanks for reading and responding!

  3. Mary Mirzglia says:

    You’re a lucky man.

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