Surviving in a Pepper Spray World.

Pepper spray use now dominates headlines.  Whether you’re a protester receiving the debilitating cocktail or a psychotic consumer hell-bent on acquiring that Black Friday sale, pepper is ever-present.  I say get ready.

Now with all this pepper spray flying around, I’m considering what I’ll call Voluntary Pepperization because I like to be prepared, naturally.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll become desensitized.  I could become the go-to guy, the stand-in, like someone who takes your SATs so you can get on with your education.


See, it's not so bad.

Protesters may want to indoctrinate themselves, too, prior to protest.  Imagine the 99% desensitized.  Now that’s scary.

Understandably, law enforcement has long required its practitioners to subject themselves to the burning shower in order to appreciate its potency.  Makes sense.  But a word of caution to cops–don’t be all nonchalant when spraying protesters, like officer John Pike.

Nice guy!

"...I could really go for a burger."

The above photo has made its way all over the Internet, into the hands of some clever Photoshoppers.  Pike’s jack-ass image is inserted into numerous situations, including The Last Supper–he’s pepper spraying Jesus in the face!  C’mon man, be cool to the Savior.  And what does Pike have against Paul?!

Somebody look for Starkey!

I mean really.

More of Pike and his casual methods here.

Stay cool people.

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3 Responses to Surviving in a Pepper Spray World.

  1. Thanks for the laugh! 🙂 Funny stuff here, about an issue that’s not so funny – which is what good satire is all about. Well done!

  2. MKM says:

    Does that car have a ticket on the windshield?

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