The Scathing Review: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973).

It’s widely known that Charles Schulz could be an acerbic S.O.B., as evidenced here.   Lucy’s perennial pigskin deceit kicks-off this holiday fav:



Derogatory terms used in this flick include the following:

  • Stupid (twice)
  • Kill
  • Devil
  • Hate

Cartoons are typically violent, and I understand life isn’t easy, but the above terms serve little need to toddlers learning language.  Coming clean, our toddler picks up vocab at an astonishing rate, so, this flick is off our list.  Call us sensitive.

And that Peppermint Patty!   She’s a horrifying party crasher.  Her admonishment of Charlie’s endearing Thanksgiving meal–toast, popcorn and pretzel sticks–is simply reprehensible.  Patty’s equilateral freckles and catcher’s mitt hair make her a Thanksgiving cretin.  And stop calling him Chuck!

Of course, Snoopy rules–no question.  And Vince Guaraldi, with his sweet-ass arpeggios and fleet ivory-feel, redeems these misgivings with a brilliant soundtrack:


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6 Responses to The Scathing Review: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973).

  1. brownmea says:

    It’s too bad you don’t like this special, because I always loved it as a child.

  2. Seriously, I never knew that was Vince Guaraldi. But of course it is.

  3. HH says:

    Mr. Schulz, an incidental social engineer genius, unlimiting his personal shyness through creative art. His daily theme revolved around a habitual (bald) failure, all the other characters provided the counter measures. Personal favorite cartoon moment, the entire peanuts crew employs bruce lee hands to decorate the christmas tree. Awesome!!

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