Apostrophe FAIL.

Big fan of the FAIL–this linked blog showcases human folly, like America’s Funniest Home Videos on meth.  YouTube’s Best Fails of 2010 Compilation is out of control (a couple clips lack veracity, though).

Found a grammatical FAIL.  Check the apostrophe misuse.



As a resume writer, I’m uber-aware of these blunders.  My fav resume error:

  • Graduated Magnum Cum Laude.

Must’ve been the Dirty Harry (1971) degree.

The above signage infraction screamed at me for over 2 weeks.  No longer.  Feeling syntactically cleansed.

Favorite FAILS?

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One Response to Apostrophe FAIL.

  1. kitchenmudge says:

    I just finished a much-too-long series of whines about language. The most recent of four:

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