The Troll Hunter (2010): A Norwegian Film You Must Watch.

We’re approaching Halloween and I’m prowling for morose fare.  Checking Netflix, I realize I’m in luck.  The Troll Hunter is on tap, a recommendation from my brother, the King of subculture.

Sure, this flick breathes heavily The Blair Witch Project, with its seizure-inducing camera work.  But it takes the method a step further, and then some.  The effective use of night vision sets this film apart.  And because I have to read subtitles, I’m convinced this film provides an education.

Insanely picturesque Norway provides more production value than most budgets can afford.  Honestly, viewing this countryside alone is reason enough to watch this flick.

Be warned.  The trolls are super dippy-looking, but scary.  They’re dim, too, according to The Troll Hunter, brilliantly played by Otto Jespersen.  And damn if he isn’t clever, using UV light and folklore to his advantage.  He warns of having Christian blood, not to be discounted when troll hunting.


If you believe in God, they can smell it.

The Nord’s Troll Security Service (TSS) calls the shots, but not very well.  They take advantage of their employee, Hans, the sole Troll Hunter, and he’s pissed, which is why footage is allowed.

Check the trailer:

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