Dissecting a Toy Enthusiast.

Truly fascinating, the amount of effort this guy puts in.  Simultaneously videotaping, narrating and unboxing, which is, well, impossible.  This a two-man job–someone else has been dragged into this man’s obsession.

Video review rocks in at 5:18, which gives you an arithmetic gauge of insanity.  This is just a toy for crying out loud!  In any event, Monster Truck Mater is pretty cool.

I'm now obsessed!

What would Larry the Cable Guy think?

A few points:

  1. Ensuring no angle escapes, Monster Truck Mater is filmed on a 360° rotating stool.  cuh-raze-ee.
  2. An X-ACTO knife is deftly employed for the unboxing. Wire cutters, on hand, release the vehicle’s undercarriage.  An organized Serial Killer.
  3. Measurements are taken and displayed on-screen.  Why?
  4. The toy is weighed on a scale.  Again, why?
  5. We’re shown how to insert batteries.  umm…

As of this post there are 719,961 views.  Crazy loves company.  Legit.  And frankly, I’m a devotee.  The above jibes hide my jealousy.  I want a Monster Truck Mater for myself!

Monster Truck Mater toy Materdor Cars Toon Unboxing review

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2 Responses to Dissecting a Toy Enthusiast.

  1. My wife and one of our neighbors are both addicted to Cars cars (our boys are both 3 and love Cars, but perhaps not as much as my wife and neighbor). I’m probably exasperating their problem, but I shared this with them both.

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