Fire and Brimstone (Vacation Bible School)?

What’s really going down at Vacation Bible School (VBS)?  I’d like to see the syllabus.  I mean really, if the Old Testament is the text, attendance needs to be reconsidered. That’s heavy stuff.

My boy, Jack, is attending VBS this week, and I have my reservations.  He’s in good hands though, with Grammy at the helm.  From what I understand, the pupils will prepare various meals.  Will they learn how to turn water into wine?  That would certainly be useful.

There are rumors that a parting of the Red Sea will be addressed.  That, too, would be helpful, to any landscaper.  And the burning bush–I’m sure Jack will learn about fire safety.  Haven’t heard anything about Shroud of Turin face-painting, though.

In reflection, I realize Jack will accumulate some very helpful lessons.  I’m sure to call on him to transubstantiate when next we grill.

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2 Responses to Fire and Brimstone (Vacation Bible School)?

  1. Jean Moon says:

    Many, many years ago we had VBS graduation. I believe it was on a Friday night and each age group got to tell what they learned during the service in the auditorium. Then all the parents got to go to the classrooms and see what their little artists had created.

    During sharing time a group of little 5 or 6 year olds got up to tell about the three Israelite boys, Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego, who were thrown into the fiery furnace (book of Daniel – Old Testament). So the teacher asked “What are the names of the three Israelite boys?”, and three little boys were to say the names respectively: “Shadrack” the first one said very seriously, “Meshack” the second child announced, “And In-the-bed-he-goes!” the third little boy exclaimed as he performed a fast motion with his hand – pointing finger extented – swooping from high to low.

    The crowd dissolved into laughter.

    I loved old testament stories when I was a kid. We can learn a lot from the O.T.

    I enjoy reading your blog

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