Question Deflection (That’s Crap)

Why is it that some presenters don’t answer an audience member’s question, stating, “Oh, we’ll get to that later.”  I mean the audience is there to learn, right?  Presumably the presenter already knows the answer, so why are they keeping it to themselves?  Is it that answering a question throws off the speaker’s rhythm, therefore derailing the entire presentation?  Give me a break.

Presenters don’t have to go all out with their answers–just give the Cliff Notes version, then state that the content will be more fully discussed later in the session.  More often than not the deflected question is lost and never answered.

Withholding knowledge is a sin.  Give it up presenters.   Answer the question when asked.

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One Response to Question Deflection (That’s Crap)

  1. A great presentation is simply a great conversation between the speaker and the audience. Presenters who aren’t willing to ebb and flow with the audience will never do as well as those who work at having a dialogue with the audience.

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