On Offering Professional Advice

I recently attended a professional development series, the focus of which was the ethical use of social media.  Halfway through the presentation we were instructed to break into groups and come up with recommendations for a case study.  Our case study involved Petra, a former intern who decided to befriend her erstwhile boss on Facebook.

Petra thought it was “a nice thing to do.”  Nice girl, that Petra.

Well, things quickly spiraled out of control.  Petra’s former boss repeatedly harassed her for a date.  Nice guy.

Our garrulous group had lots of suggestions, so I chose not to participate in the discussion.  We were soon called upon by the moderator to report our findings.  One group member read the case study aloud so all would be informed, then, silence.  The once talkative group clammed-up.  I figured it was now time for me to participate.  I offered “our” first recommendation, “If the boss-man wants a date, he should ask her out on some eharmony thing.”

A brief silence, followed by an uncomfortable shifting of bodies, then, no less than 6 people laughed at the same time.

Things eventually calmed down, when one of my group members surely pointed out, “We never said that.”

Go pro, or go home.

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